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Koala Center for Sleep Disorders in Phoenix, AZ – Biltmore

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My husband and I have recognized the need and benefits of a good nights sleep and have tried to instill these same values within our 6 kids. Improving sleep quality for patients with OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (OSA) has become a professional passion and focus. My postgraduate journey has involved hundreds of hours of continuing education courses mastering sleep physiology and learning how to optimally treat OSA with oral appliances. It was an honor to become a Diplomat of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy after passing their written exam and presentation of a series of successfully treated OSA patients. It is stimulating to network with colleagues with similar interests and passion. It is incredibly rewarding to give life back to a patient who is chronically TIRED because of being awakened multiple times per hour when unable to breathe. Equally enjoyable to be the hero with a spouse or significant other who is sleep deprived because of a partners snoring! I may not be able to persuade this generation that viewing phone, computer and TV screens late into the night steals hours of needed sleep and blocks melatonin release further preventing the normal circadian rhythm, but I can measurably reduce the number of times awakening is caused by the collapsing of the airway and significantly reduce SNORING!

Do you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea or experience symptoms such as snoring; gasping; stopping breathing, morning headaches; daytime tiredness; weight gain; and jaw problems including pain, teeth grinding, and joint issues? Have you been recommended CPAP therapy but just don’t want to go through with it? If so, you are potentially risking your well-being and your life by not seeking treatment.

Don’t suffer any longer from untreated sleep and oral health symptoms. We offer safe and comfortable treatment options covered by most medical insurance, including Medicare. Contact us to learn more about therapies that could resolve your symptoms and drastically improve your quality of life.