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Rajan Dhamrait, DDS, PC

Albert P. Capati, DMD

Dr. Capati grew up and attended high school in Decatur, Illinois and graduated as Valedictorian from Eisenhower High School.

He attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. While at Johns Hopkins, he also assisted in a study of bruxism (nocturnal tooth grinding) with Dr. Mark Teaford at Johns Hopkins Medical School, which piqued his interest in dentistry. Dr. Capati then attended and graduated from Southern Illinois University’s School of Dental Medicine.

After working as an associate dentist for a year with his childhood dentist in Decatur, Dr. Capati came to Springfield to start his own dental practice. His dental practice philosophy includes a commitment to quality work, compassionate care, and patient education.

Dr. Capati has been treating TMJ disorders and sleep apnea in his practice since 2003. Suffering from both of these disorders himself, he has researched and educated himself on several methods of treating TMD and sleep apnea. Dr. Capati planned to transition his own practice into treating more sleep apnea and TMD, but instead, bought a franchise of the Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders when the opportunity presented itself. Dr. Capati believes sleep apnea to be a growing problem in America that is easily treated using dental appliance therapy.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Capati has been a performer all of his life, starting with show choirs in junior high, to starring in local musical theater productions at the Muni and the Hoogland Center. On weekends you can find Dr. Capati singing with his band, Fun DMC, at local music venues and weddings.

Dr. Capati lives near downtown Springfield with his two cats, Sarah and Tori.