Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Westchester, NY

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Westchester, NY

If You Are Experiencing Orofacial Pain, Anxiety, or Sleepless Nights Because of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders in Brewster, NY Can Provide You with Non-Invasive TMJ Treatments That Are Effective and Convenient. Call Us at (845) 377-2025 to Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Westchester, NY
Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Westchester, NY

TMJ disorders (TMD) are characterized by a wide range of negative and painful symptoms that can make it difficult to chew certain foods. Patients with TMD often have difficulty falling asleep because of the intense pain that radiates from their jaw into other parts of their body. Orofacial pain can spread from the lower part of the face down into the neck, causing posture problems, or up into the head, resulting in chronic headaches or migraines. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, we provide effective care and support for patients of all ages, so they can overcome their TMD symptoms in order to enjoy their days and sleep more deeply at night.

How do I know if I have TMD?

The temporomandibular joint is located on either side of the face where the lower portion of the mouth attaches to the rest of the head. TMJ disorder results when there is dysfunction in this joint caused by anatomic issues within the bones and tissue of the joint or as the result of chronically tense muscles in the area. Tense muscles can often be the result of stress or anxiety that causes a person to clench their jaw or grind their teeth. Anatomic dysfunction may result from arthritis in the joint, an injury to the lower portion of the face, or issues with the disk of the TMJ as it slips out of alignment. Patients with TMD will experience chronic pain that begins in their jaw and spreads outward, and may also notice a clicking or popping noise when they use their mouth. Many patients will also experience tinnitus (ringing in the ears), anxiety, or depression symptoms, especially as they continue to miss out on crucial sleep.

What are my treatment options?

Many patients will choose to use over-the-counter medications when they first notice the symptoms of TMD manifesting. While this can offer temporary relief, it is rarely enough to effectively treat the condition, and cannot address the underlying causes. Physical therapy can help address muscular deficiencies in the face that may make TMD symptoms worse. These methods can include ultrasound or laser therapy and exercises designed to stretch and strengthen important muscles in the face. Patients whose TMD is the result of jaw clenching because of stress or anxiety can often benefit from an effective mental health plan that includes counseling with a therapist and learning strategies to cope with stress in their daily life. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, we proudly offer oral appliance therapy as a completely non-invasive and effective method of addressing TMD at the source by improving the alignment of the jaw and temporomandibular joint, which allows the body to relax naturally. This treatment is proven to be incredibly effective, is a low-cost alternative to surgery, and because it does not rely on harsh pharmaceuticals is suitable for patients of all ages.

What is arthrocentesis?

Arthrocentesis is often categorized with surgery when discussed in conjunction with TMJ disorder symptoms. This is a process by which debris is removed from the affected joint using a series of needles. Arthrocentesis is also sometimes referred to as joint aspiration and is most useful for patients with certain types of arthritis that can impede the movement of the joints.While arthrocentesis is not a viable treatment option for all patients with TMD, it can be a useful option to discuss with a specialist if your condition is the result of a degenerative arthritis condition or septic infection within the joint.

If you are looking for non-invasive treatment options for your TMJ disorder in the Westchester County, NY area, contact Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders today to schedule your first appointment.

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