Sleep Doctors in Milwaukee, WI

Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders Has Experienced Doctors & Dental Staff Who Treat a Wide Variety of Sleep Disorders, Such As Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorder,Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing, Insomnia, and Snoring. Do Not Hesitate to Call Us at (262) 684-2064 to Schedule a Consultation. Our Clinic Is Located at 405 N. Calhoun, Ste 201 Brookfield, WI 53005.

Sleep Doctors in Milwaukee, WI

When you or your bed partner suffer form a sleep disorder, it can cause tension in your relationship or problems at work. Lack of sleep has been linked to reduce intimacy, increased irritability, as well as lack of focus and motivation. Before your personal and professional relationships begin to suffer, you should speak with a compassionate sleep doctor. For patients in the Milwaukee, WI area, Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders in nearby Brookfield can provide the effective sleep solutions you need to feel more rested, alert, and ready to enjoy your favorite activities.

What is “sleep debt?”

Sleep debt is a term that refers to the cumulative impact that not getting sufficient sleep can have on a person’s body and life. Also called a “sleep deficit,” this phenomenon can result in both mental and physical fatigue, which can detract from your ability to perform daily tasks at home or work. While total sleep deprivation occurs when a person has been kept awake for at least 24 hours at one time, partial sleep deprivation can be just as dangerous when a person achieves very limited amounts of sleep for days, weeks, or month sat a time. Both instances can lead to impaired motor function, depressed mood, and the inability to focus on a task or learn new information. It is important to cultivate healthy sleep habits and address any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to your inability to sleep in order to achieve healthy sleep each night and avoid incurring too much sleep debt.

What can oral appliance therapy be used for?

Oral sleep appliances have a wide range of applications for many patients with sleep disorders. Your custom-fit dental appliance can stabilize your jaw and tongue or reposition them if they are suffering from dysfunctional placement as the result of an injury or TMJ disorder. They can also address obstructive sleep apnea by keeping your airways clear without the use of bulky and uncomfortable continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices. The oral appliances created by our dedicated dental staff are perfectly fit to your anatomy, so they are as comfortable as possible and they are incredibly portable, so you never have to worry about transporting your sleep device to another location when you need to.

Is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) a serious medical condition?

Many people think that OSA’s most important symptom is the loud snoring it can cause. However, when your body stops breathing during sleep, it can cause much more serious issues to manifest in your body. Breathing stoppages can put undue stress on your kidneys and cardiovascular system. When your sleep apnea goes untreated, it can increase your chances of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke. Sleep apnea can also make type II diabetes worse, not to mention keeping your bed partner or family members in nearby rooms awake. A qualified sleep doctor can help you understand your treatment options for OSA, so you and your loved ones sleep better.

If you live in the Milwaukee area and are looking for a sleep doctor near you, contact Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders in Brookfield, WI to schedule a consultation. We offer comprehensive support for patients with sleep apnea, insomnia, temporomandibular joint disorders, and many other issues that negatively impact their ability to fall sleep, stay asleep, and wake feeling rested. Call us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step toward a happier, healthier life.

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