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Sleep Specialist South Bend, IN

If you cannot remember the last time you fell asleep quickly and woke the next morning feeling rested, it may be time to make an appointment with a dedicated sleep doctor. If you live in the South Bend, IN area, Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders & TMJ Disorders on E. Day Road in Mishawaka can offer you the precise evaluation and effective treatment you need to improve the sleep you get every night. We offer support for a wide variety of sleep issues that can negatively impact your sleep and make it difficult for you to successfully make it through the day. There is no reason for you to continue struggling without the support of a compassionate sleep doctor.

How will I know if I have insomnia?

If you have never struggled to sleep before and suddenly find yourself having difficulty each night, it can be disconcerting and frustrating. There are two many categories of insomnia: primary insomnia, which refers to sleep issues that occur in people without other associated health conditions or environmental factors, while secondary insomnia refers to sleep issues that are the result of lifestyle decisions or medical issues. Insomnia may manifest as difficulty falling asleep, waking up too early in the morning or at different points throughout the night, and feeling lethargic upon waking. Insomnia can affect anyone and can manifest at any point in a person’s life, so even if you have not experienced insomnia symptoms before, it may be the cause of your sleep issues.

What are the differences between acute and chronic insomnia?

The length of time you struggle with your insomnia symptoms will determine whether it is acute or chronic. Chronic insomnia is defined as insomnia that impacts a person’s sleep at least 3 nights/week for 3 months or more, while acute insomnia may last as briefly as 1 night or as long as several weeks. Acute insomnia is often the result of a specific event or condition like a significant stressor or big change in your daily life, an illness that makes it difficult to sleep, or environmental factors like extreme heat or cold, excessive light, or obtrusive noise. Chronic insomnia is more likely to be a symptom of another chronic condition such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

What does “sleep hygiene” mean?

Sleep hygiene refers to the cultivation of habits that can contribute or detract from your ability to sleep well. Good sleep hygiene will include a variety of habits that can help you enjoy more consistent, rejuvenating sleep. You can practice healthy sleep habits by maintaining a sleep schedule that is consistent every day of the week, creating a pre-sleep routine that promotes relaxation, and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco before bed. The sleep doctors at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders & TMJ Disorders can help you understand the best methods for developing a healthy sleep hygiene schedule that will support your body in the best way possible. We know that your body is different from everyone else’s, so you will require a unique approach to your nighttime schedule. We are here to provide support and medical insight that can positively inform the choices you make in your daily life to support your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

If you need a sleep doctor in South Bend, IN, contact Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders & TMJ Disorders today to schedule a consultation, so we can help you overcome your insomnia and address other sleep problems that could be negatively impacting your sleep every night.

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