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Is Pain in Your Jaw and Neck Keeping You Awake at Night? TMJ Disorder Could Be the Cause. Doctors at Koala Center for Sleep Disorders in Hoffman Estates IL Provides a Proven Solution. Call Us at (847) 565-1431 or Visit Us at 2200 W Higgins Rd. Ste#335A Hoffman Estates, IL 60169.

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Everyone deserves to be able to achieve great sleep. Without it, you wake feeling groggy in the morning and are unable to be as productive as you want to.  We all know how it feels to miss out on a good night’s sleep. If this only happens occasionally, there may be no need to worry about it. However, for millions of Americans, deep sleep is constantly elusive. While many people know that sleep apnea or snoring can interrupt sleep, many more may not know that temporomandibular joint disorder (often referred to as TMJ or TMD) is another common culprit behind chronic pain and insomnia. At Koala Center for Sleep Disorders, our TMJ doctors can help you better understand your TMJ pain and design an individualized treatment plan that will help you overcome your symptoms and sleep better every night.

Millions of Americans are affected by TMD, but many do not know what it is. TMD refers to dysfunction of the joint that attaches your jaw on either side of your face. It is necessary for eating, drinking, and talking, and when it ceases to function normally, it can cause widespread problems throughout your body and daily life. Pain that radiates from the jaw can spread into your face, causing chronic headaches, sinus congestion, and tension in the neck. Some patients even experience chronic ringing in the ears, anxiety, and sensitive teeth. These symptoms can have a negative impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep, so you end up having to deal with the lethargy and aches associated with lack of sleep in addition to the already draining symptoms of TMD. The experienced TMJ doctors and dental staff at Koala Center for Sleep Disorders can help your jaw muscles relax and sit in a more comfortable and natural position, so your TMJ can heal, reducing your pain and returning you to a life without widespread tension and sleep-deprived exhaustion.

At Koala Center for Sleep Disorders, we believe reliance on pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention should be a last resort for patients with TMD. As a first-tier treatment approach, we rely on custom-fit dental appliances that can help your jaw rest in an anatomically correct position, releasing tension and retraining the jaw muscles that contribute to TMD pain. We are proud to offer our exceptional neuromuscular orthotics at Koala Center for Sleep Disorders locations across the country, including at our convenient location in Hoffman Estates, IL. Our entire staff is dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients, and we strive to provide personalized attention and care that can have a truly positive impact on their lives. We are proud to offer free consultations to new patients, so there is no reason not to reach out and schedule an appointment to speak with an experienced doctor about your sleepless night and jaw pain to see if TMD may be to blame.

If you live in or around Hoffman Estates, IL and have been experiencing chronic jaw pain or difficulty sleeping, call Koala Center for Sleep Disorders today to schedule your free consultation. Our experienced staff can help you understand the underlying causes of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan designed just for you. Don’t waste another sleepless night waiting for your TMD to resolve on its own, let us help you heal your TMJ and get back to enjoying life every day and restful sleep each night.