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TMJ Specialist Near Me Jackson Heights, NY

Many people with temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly referred to as TMD, may not even know they have it. Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can manifest in many ways, some of which are not obvious to the untrained eye. At Koala Center for Sleep Disorders in Jackson Heights, NY, our experienced doctors have the knowledge and insight necessary to help you better understand your TMD symptoms, so you can work toward a healthier jaw and less chronic pain.

Many Americans know that popping or clicking of the jaw can indicate a problem. However, most people do not realize that some signs of TMJ disorder are seemingly unrelated to the root cause. Ringing in the ears, tooth sensitivity, problems with your posture, and dizziness can all indicate that there is a problem with the hinge joint that attaches your jaw to your skull. But for many, that is precisely the case. When it comes to TMD, you want to make sure that you find a doctor who has the experience necessary to provide you with comprehensive treatment of your TMD.

TMJ disorder can cause widespread pain and tension in the face, neck, and jaw. It can even lead to earaches and migraines if left untreated. Nearly 15% of people between the ages of 20-40 may suffer from TMD at some point in their life. For these people, the severity of their symptoms can differ significantly. However, many will find it difficult to chew their food or fall asleep because the chronic pain and tension makes it so uncomfortable to open and close their mouth. While a home regimen may include staying away from certain foods and taking a pain reliever like acetaminophen, the experienced doctors and dental staff at Koala Center for Sleep Disorders can provide you with better, more sustainable treatment options, so you can enjoy your favorite meals and fall asleep more easily.

Custom dental appliances are an exceptional treatment option for patients with TMJ disorder that does not resolve on its own. While surgical options are available to people whose TMD is especially severe, these neuromuscular orthotic solutions can provide significant improvement for those who wish to avoid invasive jaw surgery. At Koala Center for Sleep Disorders in Jackson Heights, our experienced dental staff can help you find the most comfortable solution for your TMD symptoms. The dental appliances we create are worn to help your jaw rest in its optimal position. This gives the muscles surrounding the joint a chance to relax, reducing your pain and helping you fall asleep. Patients who struggle through the discomfort caused by TMJ will find that it can worsen significantly over time. Instead of waiting it out to see if it gets better without seeing a doctor, trust our experienced providers to help you find a customized solution that will improve your life as quickly as possible.

If you live in or around Jackson Heights, NY and would like to speak with a doctor about treatment options for temporomandibular joint disorder, call Koala Center for Sleep Disorders today. We offer free TMJ screening, so there is no excuse not to see a doctor who can help you find the relief you deserve.