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Lenda, a flight attendant from the Bloomington, IL area had struggled with snoring and waking up tired for years. “I was very tired during the day. Waking up early for work was a real struggle. I had a sleep study and but did not want to carry around a CPAP. I read about the oral appliance in the newspaper. I liked how convenient the appliance was. As a flight attendant you are rarely home and it’s so nice to be able to take the appliance with me so easily. My life has definitely improved since wearing the appliance. I feel so much better rested. I would definitely recommend the oral appliance!”

– Lenda

I was exhausted every day, all day. I just wanted to lay down and take a nap. I wasn’t happy with the Cpap and had heard that a dental appliance might be the answer for me. I think I have had sleep apnea for most of my adult life. Luckily my husband was able to spot that I was having breathing difficulties during the night. Without him noticing I might have died in my sleep. After he told me, I had my first sleep study and found out I indeed did have sleep apnea as well as RLS. Now it has made a major difference! I’m sleeping better and I have more energy during the day.

– Kathy

suffer from chronic Migraines, very sleepy during day, loss of concentration, loud heavy snoring, I would stop breathing waking with gasping for air or choking from acid reflux. I tried CPAP for about 6 months and it was horrible. It pushed so much air into me at night that I would have abdominal cramps, bloating and digestive problems. My wife said I did not snore once the very first night of use. Over the next few days I noticed feeling rested when I woke and not being tired at work during the day. After a couple of months I noticed I had fewer migraines, less acid reflux, better concentration and deeper rest. After 6 months or so I have had overall better health due to not starving my brain and body of oxygen due to not breathing while I sleep. I now sleep 7-9 hours without waking up and very few apneas. For me it was life changing! I sleep better, longer and deeper than in any time in the last 30+ years. I have had lower blood pressure, I deal better with stress and I am healthier than I was just 1 year ago before I started using my oral appliance.

– Mark

I have been a patient of Dr. J Todd Gray for the past several months. I was referred by my dentist for jaw problems. My jaw was clicking on one side, clenching and grinding my teeth at night and limited mouth opening. I have worm my dental appliance night and day with frequent adjustments. I am very satisfied with my progress, especially no more jaw clicking. I would not hesitate to send a friend to Dr. Gray because of the care he has shown me and the progress I have made.

– Mary