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Pediatric Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

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Pediatric Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

If Your Child Is Suffering From Sleep Disordered Breathing or Bedwetting, Do Not Hesitate to Contact Koala® Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders Today. Our KoalaKIDZzz® Program Treats Children As Early As Two Years Old. Please Call or Request an Appointment Online. We Have Multiple Locations Near You!

KoalaKIDZzz® is a division of Koala® Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders specifically for kids. We treat children from toddlers to teens that suffer from symptoms related to Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder.

Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder in children is a much more critical and common problem than what has previously been thought. SRBD can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms that can be easily overlooked, misdiagnosed, and most unfortunately, left untreated. Early treatment is critical. 9 out of 10 children suffer from one or more symptoms related to Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder.

Our dedicated staff is well trained to listen to both you and your child so we can fully understand all symptoms and behaviors that may affect the entire family, and identify the root cause for comprehensive results. We offer transformational treatment without surgery or prescriptions, starting with children as young as two years old. KoalaKIDZzz® offers solutions that not only treat SRBD, but also promote correct oral habits, proper facial development and airways, and will result in teeth that are straight, likely eliminating the need for braces.

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Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder is fragmented sleep due to a compromised airway interrupting sleep, hormone production/regulation, jaw development and daytime performance. When a child’s airway is narrow, underdeveloped, or constricted in any way, the child can struggle to get enough oxygen during sleep, leading to serious health, learning and behavior issues. KoalaKIDZzz® provides a non-invasive, non-prescription treatment for SRBD resulting in proper airway development, guided growth for the jaws and a better nights sleep.

Signs & Symptoms of SRBD

Does it ever sound like a freight train is running through your child’s room at night or as they lay asleep in the back seat on the way home from a trip? Loud snoring is one very apparent indication that your child may have Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder. Gasping and snorting sounds while your child sleeps may catch you off guard or even make you momentarily worry. These sounds stem from your child moving from a deeper sleep to a lighter sleep (towards waking up) and struggling to breathe.


Oral appliance therapy for kids is designed for proper airway development and provides guided growth for the jaws and alignment of the teeth. As the jaw grows properly, it improves the profile and enlarges the airway encouraging nasal breathing while addressing the root cause of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders. The appliance enables the widening of the dental arches giving the teeth more room to come in normally, often eliminating the need for braces and relieving pressure in the sinus area. The optimal time for treatment is during the early formative years (5-12). Symptoms associated with SRBD can vary child to child, however when the combination of symptoms appear it can point to serious underlying health issues and the need for treatment. Yes, there is help before braces!


We have noticed a clear difference in our 5 year old daughter after only wearing the appliance for a short time. Her hyperactivity is much less. She wakes up much happier every morning. At parent teacher conferences her teacher mentioned she is following instructions better and participating in class. My husband and I can definitely tell a difference if she forgets to wear the appliance for even one night.

Eric & Cailin

My two boys were diagnosed with ADHD at age 4. They were struggling with snoring, bed wetting and behavior issues. They had their tonsils and adenoids removed and things seemed to be looking positive. Within one week the bed wetting had stopped. My children were completely different kids. Very loving and happy! Unfortunately, 9 months post operation all the struggles returned. I had this small glimpse at how they could be and my frustration was heart breaking. Now they are 9 and 12 years old. They have been wearing their appliance and they are waking up happier, much more refreshed. We have no more fighting with me to get up in the morning. It has made a difference for our whole, entire family. This treatment gave us options for them to succeed!


Our son was a restless sleeper, had chronic allergies, swollen tonsils, was a mouth breather, snored, and grinded his teeth at night. He was very tired a lot and missed school frequently. After wearing his appliance, we noticed that during the car ride to his KoalaKIDZzz® appointment he actually stayed awake for the whole ride. He was so excited. He is sleeping better and we have already noticed improvement with his overbite and crowded teeth.

Dan & Heidi


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