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Koala Medical & Dental Clinics for Sleep Disorders – Peoria, IL

Our entire team WELCOMES you to our practice! In a world that is needlessly suffering from sleep deprivation, snoring, headaches, earaches and oral facial pain, we are here to provide answers and treatment. Our staff specializes in listening and understanding your needs and life goals.

Our focus is to provide transformational treatment without surgery or prescriptions. Treatment that is natural and provides your body with the relief needed to feel restored and revived each day – all day, and enjoy your days without headaches!

One of our primary goals is to do all we can to ensure you can be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do! Too many parents are tired, and miss out on some of the best moments of their children and grandchildren’s life events due to tiredness. Too many are passed over for workplace promotions due to a lack of focus as afternoon tiredness drags them down. And too many couples are sleeping in different bedrooms due to snoring.

Far too many children are suffering every day in classrooms and social encounters as a result of poor airway development. They simply are not getting the oxygen their bodies must have and/or struggling with a miss diagnosis.

Why not make a visit to our office today and experience the results of a peaceful nights rest and days without headaches! Please take a moment to review our patient’s testimonials. We’ve helped them and we can help you too. Simply make an appointment on line or call our office.