Can Snoring Be Cured Permanently?

Can Snoring Be Cured Permanently?

Is snoring hurting your sleep quality? Want to know if snoring can be cured permanently or not? Here at Koala Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, our sleep doctors will determine the cause and provide you with the suitable treatment. For more information call us or schedule an appointment online.

Can Snoring Be Cured Permanently?
Can Snoring Be Cured Permanently?

Half of all American adults snore. Even though they should seek professional treatment, many Americans don’t, so they continue to disturb their sleep partner, and they ignore the fact that snoring could be a sign of a condition like sleep apnea. Snoring is definitely something to get checked out and treated at a clinic like Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders. In fact, we may even have something of a cure for you. Read on to learn more!

Why do I snore at night?

Your snoring could be due to one of many different issues, like your oral anatomy, your sinuses, allergies, a cold, your weight, or a jaw joint disorder. Also, during sleep, the muscles in your mouth as well as your tongue and throat, relax. This can cause snoring or contribute to it. Basically, the problem has to do with a narrowed or partially blocked airway. The best way to determine why you snore at night is to have a sleep study done, which can reveal the cause of your snoring. A professional, like one of ours at Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders, can provide an examination or a referral for a sleep study.

So can snoring be cured permanently?

There are different ways to address snoring, and sometimes making simple lifestyle changes, like losing weight, can help. So can treating nasal congestion, avoiding sleep deprivation, and/or avoiding sleeping on your back. However, these changes may not necessarily address your snoring if it’s accompanied by a condition like sleep apnea or a jaw joint disorder. In these cases, a different approach may be necessary.

When snoring is accompanied by sleep apnea, CPAP therapy with a CPAP machine can be effective, but you may have issues with this treatment. Some patients find the machine too bulky, inconvenient, and/or uncomfortable to use. Because the treatment requires the use of a mask or a nose piece at night, it can be uncomfortable. Also, it may be too loud for you and keep your sleep partner awake. CPAP therapy could be the best treatment for you, but you’ll definitely want to consider other treatments too.

When snoring is accompanied by either sleep apnea or a jaw/oral disorder, oral appliance therapy may be the better option.

How does oral appliance therapy treat snoring?

The therapy uses a simple mouth insert that can prevent the conditions that cause snoring and sleep apnea in the first place. The insert helps to keep the muscles in a patient’s mouth, as well as the tongue and throat, relaxed and resting in their natural position. This in turn keeps the patient’s airway clear. Additionally, oral appliance therapy can correct issues with the anatomy of a patient’s mouth, such as a jaw joint disorder. By addressing these matters, oral appliance therapy can relieve snoring and sleep apnea, and many patients experience 90 percent symptom relief. This is about as close to a cure as possible, and for most patients, it’s more than acceptable!

At Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders, we’d be very happy to tell you more about snoring and what could be causing your particular case. We can also assess you for sleep apnea or a jaw-related disorder and provide oral appliance therapy if you require it. The first step toward treatment is to have a simple consultation with us at our clinic. We have multiple locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin, so please see our Locations page for the one nearest you. Alternatively, you can call us to book your consultation with us.

We’re excited to speak with you soon here at Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders!

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