Medical Treatment for Snoring

Medical Treatment for Snoring

Are You Suffering from Snoring? At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, Our Experienced Doctors Can Help You Stop Snoring & Start Living Your Life Again. To Schedule a Consultation, Please Give Us a Call. We Have Multiple Locations Across the U.S.

Medical Treatment for Snoring
Medical Treatment for Snoring

Snoring can be a disruptive sleep disorder that not only keeps your bed partner or housemates awake, but reduces the quality and effectiveness of the sleep you get yourself. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, we proudly offer medical treatments for snoring, so you and your loved ones can enjoy better quality sleep each night. If you have tried over-the-counter remedies for snoring, or if your bed partner has banished you to sleep in another room, it may be time to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated sleep doctors to discuss your options.

Do I really need to see a doctor for my snoring?

For some people, snoring may not be serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. Some adults and children will experience light or moderate snoring on a semi-regular basis that is not prohibitive to sleep. For people who have over-indulged at happy hour, those with sinus infection or stuffy nose, or those on certain types of medication, snoring may merely be a side effect that will dissipate with time. However, for some people, snoring can lead to sleep disruption and daytime drowsiness. Snoring is also a commonly identified symptom of sleep apnea. This condition is marked not only by snoring, but by choking or gasping noises as a person struggles to breathe with an airway obstructed by relaxed muscles. The bottom line is that if your snoring is affecting your sleep or the sleep of those around you, it is Top to speak with a doctor about your condition.

What can I do to reduce my snoring at home?

One of the most common factors that may be impacting your snoring is weight. Maintaining a healthy BMI can reduce your snoring by placing less pressure on your airway as you sleep. Patients who snore should also try to avoid drinking alcohol or taking antihistamines and other medications before bed. For some people, sleeping on their side instead of their back or raising their head approximately 4 inches when they sleep can improve their breathing and help reduce their snoring. Unfortunately, for many people, these snoring home remedies will not be enough to improve their snoring and their sleep. If this is the case, it is time to schedule a consultation with an experienced sleep doctor at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders.

What medical treatments for snoring are possible?

When you visit a doctor for your snoring, they can provide a much more in-depth understanding of your condition as well as access to more comprehensive treatment options. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, we focus on providing our patients with non-invasive options that can improve their sleep without interrupting their nightly routine. We craft dental appliances that are especially designed for each patient’s unique anatomy that can help support proper alignment during sleep, so your airway stays open and you can achieve better rest. Other medical treatments include bulky CPAP machines, steroid nasal sprays, or invasive surgical procedures.We have helped many patients across the country avoid invasive treatments with our dental appliance therapy.

If you or your bed partner snore and you would like to discuss your treatment options with a sleep doctor, call or visit our locations page to find the Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders nearest you.

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