Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Albuquerque, NM

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment in Albuquerque, NM

Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Deserve Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment Options. At Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders in Albuquerque, NM, We Are Committed to Providing Our Patients with Access to Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment. Call Us Today at (505) 705-8217 to Schedule a Consultation with One of Our Experienced TMJ Doctors at Our Conveniently Located Office at 8311 San Pedro Dr. NE, Suite 3, Albuquerque, NM 87113.

When you find yourself struggling to make it through a meal because of the pain caused by opening and closing your mouth, it is time to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options with an experienced and dedicated TMJ doctor. Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders has helped patients across the country overcome the chronic pain caused by their TMJ disorder (sometimes called TMD), so they can regain confidence, enhance their mealtime experience, and sleep more deeply without the constant ache of their TMJ.

How can TMJ impact my sleep?

Many patients who develop a temporomandibular joint disorder will notice that they begin to sleep less as a result. The chronic ache that often begins in the jaw and radiates into other parts of the upper body can make it difficult for people to relax and fall asleep naturally. One of the first symptoms of TMJ is the chronic orofacial pain that begins in the jaw and radiates into other parts of the face, head, and neck. This pain can be debilitating, even causing chronic headaches or migraines in some people. As a result, many people will rely on over-the-counter pain medications or sleep aids in order to get the important rest they need to function during the day. At Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders, we believe there is a better, more effective way for patients to find the relief they need. Our non-invasive TMJ treatments reduce the need for pain relieving medications by naturally allowing your body to relax and heal.

What non-invasive treatments are available for TMJ disorder?

By far the most effective and popular non-invasive TMJ treatment is oral appliance therapy, which we proudly offer at our Albuquerque, NM location. This TMJ treatment relies on a custom made dental appliance that is designed for each patient to their exact specifications. Each appliance can be personalized to support your jaw in its anatomically correct resting position while you sleep. By providing gentle support and ensuring it holds your jaw in its optimum position, we can help relax chronically tense muscles in the face, so you fall asleep more easily without having to rely on potentially harsh medications. Oral appliance therapy has been used by countless patients with TMJ to provide fast, long-lasting relief from their pain while affording their body the opportunity to heal naturally from within. Physical therapy exercises can also be used to help improve mobility and relieve tension while building strength in key muscles around the temporomandibular joint.

What are trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are a minimally invasive treatment that can be used to address a wide range of painful joint conditions. Some patients undergo trigger point injections for their TMJ symptoms because they deliver powerful medications such as anesthesia or other pain relievers directly into the joint via a needle. For most patients, this is an unnecessary procedure, though some do find it helpful at the beginning of their treatment to provide a pain free starting point. While trigger point injections are less invasive than surgical joint repair or arthrocentesis, we believe that the therapeutic, non-invasive treatments we offer for patients can provide longer lasting benefits without any risks of infection, bruising, or other injuries.

If you are looking for an experienced doctor who can provide you with non-invasive TMJ treatments in the Albuquerque, NM area, contact Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders today to schedule your personalized consultation.

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