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The High Cost of Sleep Loss

The High Cost of Sleep Loss

Personally & Professionally

The High Cost of Sleep Loss
The High Cost of Sleep Loss

What is the personal cost of sleep loss?

Have you considered the actual cost of sleep loss? If we are not able to get the sleep we need, it not only impacts our health, but our homes and careers are dramatically affected, too. It is difficult to think clearly and to stay focused on our jobs and important family matters when we are lacking restorative sleep. Not only does our physical and mental health suffer, but the loss of sleep often reveals itself through impatience and a lack of energy, putting strains in our relationships as well. The most devastating cost, is the loss of life. With reduced blood oxygen levels, the heart becomes stressed during sleep, which may lead to high blood pressure, additional heart health risks, and increasing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.

What is the professional cost of sleep loss?

If you’re not able to sleep the night, it’s very difficult to seize the day. Perhaps you’re struggling emotionally or have been struggling with depression. Did you know that those who suffer with untreated sleep apnea are five times more likely to be passed over for a promotion or a raise, and are more likely to be reprimanded or fired from a job? Gaining great performance reviews at work is an important aspect in our lives. Treating sleep apnea is an easy way to gain the competitive edge. When you feel better, you perform better. In addition, short term and long-term health improvement efforts are positively impacted with quality restorative sleep.

Economic Losses impacting the United States

It’s not just your health, family life and overall well being that suffers from sleep deprivation. Your lack of quality sleep at night likely impacts your economic status as well. Medical professionals have revealed the true costs of sleep deprivation and the devastating effect it has on the economy. Sleep apnea and sleep deprivation are costly conditions to ignore or leave untreated. Three treatment options exist; surgery, cpap and dental sleep appliance.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a new study showing the high cost of untreated sleep apnea in America. “Frost & Sullivan calculated that the annual economic burden of undiagnosed sleep apnea among U.S. adults is approximately $149.6 billion. The estimated costs include $86.9 billion in lost productivity, $26.2 billion in motor vehicle accidents and $6.5 billion in workplace accidents. Untreated sleep apnea also increases the risk of costly health complications such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and depression. The report estimates that undiagnosed sleep apnea also costs $30 billion annually in increased health care utilization and medication costs related to these comorbid health risks.” – AASM

These numbers are a strong indication of the economic and health disadvantages that untreated sleep apnea brings about. When all the costs and losses due to sleep deprivation are considered nationally, the economic loss is upwards of $411 billion according to the 2016 report by Rand – $411 billion economic loss, 2.28% of the USA GDP.


When considering that 30% of our day is spent sleeping, and the quality of sleep impacts the other 70% of our day, finding treatment options with early detection is critical. Discover how custom Dental Sleep Appliance fits your lifestyle and gain the benefits of restorative sleep, it’s never been so easy or vital personally and professionally.

Oral Appliance Therapy is a non invasive, non pharmaceutical, non surgical option available to treat OSA & TMD. If we want success in our careers, family and important relationships, we need restorative sleep at night. Do you want to be at the top of your game? Do you want that raise or promotion you’ve been looking forward to? Consider having your sleep concerns evaluated at Koala® Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders where our sleep doctors can evaluate your sleep and TMJ conditions. Contact them and discover the Dental Sleep Appliance treatment for OSA and TMJ.

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