TMJ Specialist in Mishawaka, IN

TMJ Specialist in Mishawaka, IN

Have you been experiencing any issues with your jaw joint? If so, you may need to see a professional about it, and you’ll find the right kind of professional here at Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders. Call us today for a TMJ professional in Mishawaka, IN.

TMJ Specialist in Mishawaka, IN
TMJ Specialist in Mishawaka, IN

What is the best doctor to see for TMJ?

For TMJ disorder (jaw joint disorder) or any other issue related to your jaw joint, you could go see your primary care physician, but they will likely just refer you to see a dentist. A primary care physician can do only so much, like prescribe medication, but that won’t address the disorder or issue you have or its cause. It’s best to see a dentist or a TMJ professional about the matter.

A dentist or TMJ professional will be able to properly interpret the symptoms of your TMJ issue or disorder and could determine the actual cause of your particular case. It might be that your case is caused by or complicated by a pre-existing health condition, an unhealthy habit, or a prior trauma. Once the professional has some insight into what your underlying problem could be, the professional can treat you. The treatments dentists and TMJ doctors offer may actually address the underlying causes of TMJ problems.

What is the main cause of TMJ?

Researchers aren’t entirely sure what causes TMJ disorder, but they do understand the symptoms very well and believe the disorder is caused by problems like:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis in the jaw joint
  • Misalignment or dislocation of the jaw joint
  • Misalignment of teeth or loss of teeth
  • An effect of whiplash
  • An injury due to a significant blow to the jaw or cheek
  • Stress (which can contribute to jaw clenching)
  • Habits that are unhealthy like gum chewing, nail biting, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, or poor posture

It may be that genetics, age, and gender are factors too. It tends to be women aged 18 to 44 who are more likely to develop TMJ disorder.

How should I sleep with TMJ pain?

Your sleeping position could help with TMJ pain. Sleeping on your back may prevent pressure being exerted on your jaw and offer good support for your head, neck, and shoulders. It can be hard to stick to a sleeping position, especially if you tend to toss and turn a bit at night, and changing your sleeping position likely won’t be adequate for your pain and its cause, especially if you have a TMJ disorder.

How can I treat TMJ disorder?

You should see a professional about TMJ disorder. We have dentists and TMJ professionals here at Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders. Our professionals are more than capable of treating TMJ pain, TMJ issues, and TMJ disorder, and may recommend jaw stretching or jaw exercising for you, or oral appliance therapy. This therapy is especially effective at treating TMJ disorder, and it’s approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Oral appliance therapy is also recommended by us at Koala® Center for Sleep & TMJ Disorders!

To learn more about the therapy, TMJ pain, TMJ disorder, or our clinic, reach out to us today. Call us at (855) 977-0400. Our clinic has multiple locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin, so we ask that you see our Locations page for the location closest to you in Mishawaka.

We hope to hear from you soon and help you with the health of your jaw joint!

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