TMJ Treatment Peoria, IL

At Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders in Peoria, IL, Our Experienced TMJ Doctors Can Provide You with the Care & Treatment You Need to Sleep Better & Achieve a Life Free from the Hassles of TMJ Pain & Dysfunction. Please Give Us a Call at (309) 981-7235 or Visit Us at 11825 N. State Rt 40, Ste 100, Dunlap, IL 61525.

TMJ Treatment Peoria, IL

Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ or TMD) can have lasting and negative effects on your daily life. The resulting stress, tension, and pain can disrupt your sleep, make it difficult to eat or smile, and even radiate into other areas of your upper body. If you have been struggling through TMJ pain, it is time to seek comprehensive treatment at Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders. Our experienced doctors and dental staff can help you feel better and enjoy your days without having to think about your TMD symptoms. There is no reason to let TMD ruin your days or interrupt your sleep. Our dedicated providers can help!

Treatment for TMD can encompass many different things. At Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders, we pride ourselves on offering unique treatment options that can heal your jaw dysfunction from the inside out. Many doctors may utilize pharmaceutical intervention as a first-line treatment option. Anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and even tricyclic antidepressants are sometimes used to address the symptoms of TMJ. Injectable solutions such as Botox or corticosteroids are also often used to provide semi-permanent muscle paralysis, or to diminish inflammation in the jaw. However, the TMJ treatments used at our office, in Dunlap, IL, use methods that do not require reliance on prescription medication!

The TMJ treatments at Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders are designed to transform your life by addressing the daily pain and discomfort of TMD. Our experienced doctors and dedicated dental staff provide personalized consultations, and design customized oral appliances that can be worn to improve the alignment of your jaw, allowing the muscles to relax into a more anatomically correct position. By allowing your TMJ to resolve naturally, we strive to provide our patients with exceptional results that can improve their life.

The TMJ treatments at Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders are designed to help those we treat find relief from their TMJ pain without surgery or other extreme treatment measures. Our oral appliances are designed to support your unique anatomy. Your treatment will be designed specifically for you and your needs. Our dedicated medical staff is committed to providing each of our patients with the personal attention and care you need to heal your TMJ disorder from within your own body.

If you are struggling with the persistent tension and pain of TMD, and are looking for exceptional TMJ treatment near Peoria, IL, contact Koala Center For Sleep & TMJ Disorders, in Dunlap, IL, today!We provide free screenings, using a simple screening tool to assess the likelihood of TMJ disorders, discuss sleep history, and describe treatment options for patients seeking comprehensive care for their TMJ disorder. We know how difficult it can be to live a healthy and productive life that includes all of your favorite foods and deep sleep, when it is interrupted by TMJ discomfort, or the chronic headaches that TMD can cause. Let us help you live a full and relaxed life, without unnecessary jaw tension or pain.