Snoring Center in Lafayette, IN

Snoring Center in Lafayette, IN

At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, Our Dedicated Doctors & Dental Staff Provide Treatments for a Wide Range of Sleep Disorders, Such As Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorder, Snoring, Insomnia, and More. Please Give Us a Call at (765) 335-7377 to Schedule a Consultation. Our Sleep Center in Lafayette Is Located at 4921 SR 26 E, Ste. 300 Lafayette, IN 47905.

Snoring Center in Lafayette, IN

Snoring is one of the most common sleep issues faced by American adults. Men and women of all ages can be plagued by poor sleep that is affected by snoring. If you or your bed partner suffer from chronic snoring, the exceptional doctors and dental staff at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders in Lafayette, IN would like to help. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for snoring, so you can reduce your symptoms and enjoy better quality sleep each night.

What is snoring?

Snoring refers to the vibration of parts of your body associated with respiration. It is the result of restricted air movement that occurs while you sleep. Snoring has been shown to be one of the primary causes of sleep deprivation in adults, meaning that even though it may seem like an unimportant condition, it can lead to extreme fatigue in those who snore as well as those who live with them. The sound of snoring ranges depending on the individual, but for many people, it may be loud and obtrusive, leading to a significant reduction in quality of sleep. Snoring may be the result of other important medical conditions including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), obesity, and sinus infections. If you find that your snoring has become chronic or is beginning to negatively impact your sleep or that of your partner, you should speak with an experienced doctor who can help you manage your symptoms.

How can I reduce the force of my snoring?

There are many adjustments you can make in your life or as part of your bedtime routine that may reduce your snoring or prevent it entirely. Sleeping on your side can prevent your tongue from falling back into your throat, allowing you to breathe more easily. Alternately, if sleeping on your side is not a comfortable option, you can raise your head using pillows or an adjustable bed. Limiting your alcohol intake or use of sedative medications can reduce snoring because depressants can cause over relaxation of the muscles and tissue of your throat. If you are overweight, losing weight can help and if you have allergies or are sick, taking decongestant medication can help open your sinus passageways to improve your breathing. If these simple at-home steps do not prevent or reduce your snoring effectively, the dental staff and doctors at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders in Lafayette can help you determine whether a dental orthotic or other treatment may be most effective for your situation.

How will my doctor diagnose snoring?

The most important part of your appointment will be the discussion you and your doctor have regarding your symptoms and quality of sleep. Your doctor may conduct a physical examination or request digital imaging to look for anatomical abnormalities. If your bed partner is available to come to your appointment, they can often give your doctor more information about how you breathe while asleep. If your doctor believes that sleep apnea may be the cause of your snoring, he or she may suggest you undergo a sleep study to confirm this is the case.

At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, we want you and your partner to get the great night’s sleep you deserve every night. If snoring is getting in the way of your rest, contact our convenient Lafayette, IN snoring center today to schedule an appointment with an experienced sleep doctors.

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