TMJ Specialist Peoria, IL

At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, We Have Experienced Doctors & Staff Who Can Provide Treatment for TMJ Disorder, Headache, Sleep Apnea, Snoring & More. Please Give Us a Call at (309) 981-7235 or Request an Appointment Online.

TMJ Specialist Peoria, IL

Millions of Americans suffer with the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders every day. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, our experienced doctors can provide you with relief from the pain and discomfort of TMJ and TMD. Our entire dental staff is dedicated to your comfort, safety, and well-being. Let us help you relieve the stress and pain caused by TMJ disorder by offering proven and effective treatments that can help you sleep better and relieve tension in your jaw that can impact your ability to eat and otherwise enjoy your daily life.

While it may seem easier to ignore the discomfort caused by TMJ disorder, it is worth noting that this problem is not one that typically goes away on its own. Rather, for most people, TMJ gets worse as time goes on unless patients seek treatment from a medical professional. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders near Peoria, Dr. Rod Willey, DDS and his team are proud to offer effective medical treatments that can provide long-term help and relief for patients suffering from TMD. The doctors and dental staff at our location in Dunlap are available to provide the knowledge and experience you need just a short drive away from Peoria. We are proud to serve patients in our community by providing exceptional treatment and support not only for sleep problems, but for many of the underlying conditions that can contribute to sleeplessness, including TMJ.

For patients with TMD disorder, the ball and socket joint that exists around the ear canal slips out of position, resulting in popping and clicking of the jaw as it is opened and closed. This often, but not always, causes pain in the jaw area. TMJ can result in other chronic issues including persistent headaches and difficulty sleeping. There are many potential causes of TMJ disorder including misalignment of the teeth, teeth grinding, stress, and excessive chewing of gum. Your TMJ specialist will work with you to help determine potential contributing factors.

Signs of TMJ disorder include tooth sensitivity, tinnitus, restricted mouth opening, ear congestion, sensitive teeth, and facial pain, among many others. At Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, our TMJ doctors are available near Peoria to help treat your symptoms as well as the underlying TMD condition. We use Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography, K-7 Electromyography, and Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation (TENS) to diagnose and treat TMJ. TENS units can be used to confuse your jaw’s natural muscle memory to help it rest more naturally and promote healing by correcting bite misalignment issues. For some people, permanent stabilization may be required. This can be achieved through the use of custom orthodontics, which are created especially for your mouth and can help your jaw rest in a more comfortable position.

If you think you might have a temporomandibular joint disorder, contact Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders today to schedule an appointment. We can help treat your TMJ, so you can get back to living life free from jaw pain and its associated problems. If you live in the Peoria area, trust our experienced TMJ doctors at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders to help you feel better.