TMJ Treatment in Kansas City, MO

TMJ Treatment in Kansas City, MO

Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders Provides Patients Across the Country with Access to High-Quality, Convenient Medical Care. If You Are Experiencing Chronic Pain in Your Jaw or Face, We Offer Exceptional Treatments for Patients with TMJ Disorder Symptoms. Call (816) 307-1765 Today to Schedule Your Consultation at Our Convenient Kansas City, MO Office Located at 2008 Swift Ave. Kansas City MO 64116.

TMJ Treatment in Kansas City, MO
TMJ Treatment in Kansas City, MO

When your jaw functions normally, it is likely that you hardly ever think about it. However, anyone who has struggled with pain and tension in their temporomandibular joint can tell you how quickly that can change. If you have noticed you are having difficulty chewing or swallowing, or that your face and neck are chronically tense, it could mean that the joint responsible for opening and closing your mouth is experiencing dysfunction. TMJ disorders occur when the disc or other parts of the temporomandibular joint are not working as well as they should. This can lead to pain, headaches, and even difficulty sleeping in many patients when it is not addressed with an effective treatment plan by an experienced doctor.

What causes orofacial pain?

Orofacial pain is a general term that refers to discomfort in the lower portion of the face. Often, orofacial pain can be the result of dental problems including an abscessed tooth or pulpitis. TMJ disorder is the second most common cause of orofacial pain. This chronic discomfort can result from misalignment of the jaw or tension in the muscles surrounding it. When you come to Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, your doctor will perform a physical evaluation of your jaw as part of your appointment. By identifying specific areas of tension and the severity of your condition, they will be able to help guide you to a customized and effective treatment plan.

What are the most common TMJ disorder treatments?

There are many different treatments available for temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms. Patients may benefit from everything from at-home treatments to surgical replacement of all or part of the joint. Most patients who seek treatment for TMJ disorder symptoms will receive physical therapy, a splint, dental work, medication, or some combination of those treatments. Medications can be useful especially as you wait for your oral appliance or physical therapy treatments to take long-term effect. Dental work to correct misalignment of the teeth or replace missing teeth can help support your jaw’s natural resting position. One of the most popular non-invasive treatments for TMJ disorder is to use an oral appliance at night. These appliances may also be referred to as splints, night guards, neuromuscular orthotics, or other things, but they serve the same function. Physical therapy solutions can include massage, hot and cold therapy, as well as muscular stimulation using TENS machines or ultrasound. Your physical therapy provider may also give you exercises or stretches to perform at home in an effort to relieve tension and improve range of motion.

How can an oral appliance help me?

Many people are skeptical of the power of oral appliance therapy at first. For some, it seems like a too-simple approach to what can be a complex and debilitating condition. However, at Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders, our doctors work closely with an experienced dental staff to create completely customized devices that can help your jaw rest in its optimum position while you sleep. This relieves tension, which reduces pain and allows your muscles to relax and heal. Oral splints can also help correct your bite position and keep you from grinding your teeth. Because these devices are often worn primarily at night, they offer a convenient and discreet treatment approach for many patients.

If you are looking for an experienced doctor to provide you with effective TMJ treatments in the Kansas City, MO area, contact Koala® Center for Sleep and TMJ Disorders to speak with one of our dedicated staff members and schedule your first appointment.

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